morgan county african american museum
morgan county african american museum

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Morgan County African-American Museum, Inc.

Mission Statement

The Morgan County African-American Museum, Inc. is a newly formed, non-profit organization with a national constituency.

It was created in the hope of raising the self esteem of the African-American youth by teaching him and/or her the contributions made by the African-Americans to the United States and the world. As learning can never be done in isolation, this organization seeks to build bridges of understanding between all races. The organization’s major goals are (1) to stimulate interest in local and regional African-American history through education and exhibits; (2) to foster research and documentation of papers and articles of historical or artistic merit; (3) to encourage the preservation of buildings and architectures of historic merit; (4) to promote the creation and preservation of art (both folk and applied) in the African-American community; (5) to disseminate information and to facilitate the development of programs by and about African-Americans in public schools and libraries; and (6) to encourage and promote the progress and improvement of literary, civic, cultural, and educational life through organized workshops, conferences, and exhibits.

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